Homemade Tooth Paste

For a while I have wanted to try making my own toothpaste but, to be honest, I was a little nervous.  A couple of years ago I switched to a fluoride free toothpaste. I have done a lot of research on fluoride and decided that I do not want to be putting it into my mouth or body as a matter of fact. I decided to try removing fluoride and seeing if I had an increase of cavities or my teeth started to decay. To my pleasant surprise, I have not had a single cavity since switching. Part of this has to do with my diet of course but I realized I didn’t need it! I was actually receiving compliments from my dentist on my teeth. With that matter aside, it made making my own toothpaste a little easier.

I loved the TOMS brand but after running out recently I decided to venture out to a different option. A Homemade toothpaste that is free of all that stuff that just isn’t good for you! I was happy with TOMS but there are always downsides and TOMS is expensive. This DIY toothpaste is pretty cheap and easy to make. I have been using this DIY toothpaste for about 2 days now and no complaints, however; it hasn’t been that long. It has been an adjustment to get used to because,as most people, I am used to the suds that come from using a regular, store bought toothpaste. It’s a weird adjustment but I can safely say that my teeth feel super clean and I don’t have to worry if I accidentally swallow it because it’s completely natural. Using a peppermint essential oil gives me the mint flavor that I do enjoy from toothpaste, as well as fresh breath!

The original recipe I used called for less baking soda than I liked, so I added more and was quite pleased. I didn’t want a greasy  film left on my teeth that comes with the coconut oil so I added more to the recipe and it was perfect! Another adjustment I found is when the temperature rises you will notice that the coconut oil will begin to melt, which isn’t a problem because it makes it easier to scoop out. During the colder parts of the year is when I find it tricker to use because the coconut oil will solidify. However; it is not impossible to use and I just put a bit of it in my mouth and allow it to melt a little. Then I brush as normal! Problem solved but again, some adjusting.

All in all I would give this DIY toothpaste a 5/5, with a caution of the adjustment it will take as you use it. Over all I love it and will continue to make it over and over again!

Let us know if you try it, changed the recipe in any way or found greater success in a different recipe!

This recipe is extremely simple and only took us about 5 minutes to make!

What you will need: 

    • Coconut oil
    • Baking soda
    • Peppermint (Or whatever flavor you would like) Essential oil. Or if you would like you don’t even have to flavor it! It’s all up to you!
    • a few drops of clove essential oil


  1. Begin by melting Coconut oil in a double broiler or microwave if you prefer. (I started out with 5 Tbsp of solid coconut oil and added more if I wanted a bigger batch)
  2. Once melted remove from heat and add in 1 Tbsp of baking soda at a time, stirring in between Tbsp, until it creates a paste like texture.
  3. Add in 10 drops of essential oil and put in storing jar. I used an old glass jar that I had saved.
  4. Allow to solidify and use morning and night, or even more if you want!