How to use a Simple Branch for Gratitude

How to use a Simple Branch for Gratitude


Gratitude Tree

The holiday season is fast approaching!  I have finished the last of the Halloween crafts and decorations and am moving onto Thanksgiving.  This is one of my families favorite crafts we did together for Thanksgiving 4 yrs ago.  We set it out every Thanksgiving since.  We all love adding new reasons to be grateful for each year.   It has become a simple way to remember the blessings we’ve received as a family and individually the past year.  We keep the leaves from previous years on and remember back on moments of happiness, laughter and love!

This is our gratitude tree!  We place a limb that had fallen from one of our trees in the backyard.  We have added an additional limb as the first one filled up over the years and placed them into a decorative vase.  In a dish beside it is the leaves that family and friends can leave their reason for gratitude for the past year.   This is a wonderful homemade decoration that was easy to make and had the whole family join in.  My younger sons enjoyed picking out the perfect limbs!  My daughter and I cut the leaves out that we had printed.  And Dad kept us all on task. 🙂

We traced the leaves on a sheet of paper from a stencil kit we had then made copies.  You could find leaf patterns online and use the same concept.   When we remember a reason to be grateful or a reason we were grateful the past months, we put it on a leaf and then place them back in the bowl.  When the kids were younger, myself or husband would glue them on with a hot glue gun.  But now I have adult children that can glue the leaves on without being burnt by the hot glue.  Usually!

Decorative rocks are placed in the bottom of the vase and a holiday bow tied around the base.  One word on each leaf floods me with so many happy memories.  As the Our Children grow older, two are already out of the house and away at college. I enjoy those memories even more!

Do you have any special traditions you use around the holiday season to slow down and remember the blessings you’ve had?  I would love to hear ideas and ways your family remembers the love that was shared the past year.