Delighted to be an Official Chick-Fil-A Mom

Delighted to be an Official Chick-Fil-A Mom


A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to be an official 5th annual Mom panel member for Chick-fil-A.  Of course I accepted the terms!  This is my first year being selected.  We love Chick-fil-A!  There isn’t a store near us.  The closest one is 75 miles away.  But we still stop by every time we run into town (biggest City near us) for doctor visits, store runs etc. which is about once a month. Sometime more frequent as our Children are older.  I am waiting on my welcome packet.  I will update with latest news and new products etc that I can share with you!  Check back often.

Till then!

*** UPDATE****

My welcome package arrived today!   I have been patiently, haha, watching other members of the Mom’s panel receive their welcome package.   And this weekend I was notified by MyUPS that I will have a package arriving Monday October 2.   There aren’t any recent purchases that I would be expecting so I knew this was IT!!   Early this afternoon, about 10 am. pt.  Our kind UPS driver delivered my box of goodies!  There are some fun items, blow up beach ball, plush cow (which we have a collection of living in  Dairy country), lip balm that smells delicious.  I think it is Vanilla bean flavored.  There is also a great, heavy duty water bottle in a beautiful deep red color,  A red umbrella that will be used in the Pacific Northwest!  The best is the two gift cards for items on their menu!  I have seen others on the Moms Panel use them as thank you gifts for bus drivers and teachers etc.  Which are great ideas for them.  Who wouldn’t love a Morning breakfast from Chick-fil-A!!  I am not sure what I will use mine for.  The closest Chick-fil-A is 75 miles.   I have thought of sending them to my daughter away at college or my Sister for opening her house to us this summer.  It is a good thing I have two of them 😉