Excellent 25 Days Of Service Calendar you’ll Love

Excellent 25 Days Of Service Calendar you’ll Love


25 days of service

Guest Post by  Kathleen Allen

This is an awesome month to teach our children about the attributes of Christ. One of the greatest is his love, he showed love through service.

We created a simple paper chain that we do each day, starting December 1st through December 25th.  On the chain we have a service to provide (baking cookies, helping a neighbor, helping a family member with their chores etc), family activity (games, reading with each other, going to movie theater for Polar Express night) and a movie we watch together.  We each selected our favorite Christmas movie we wanted to watch.

Here is a daily idea board shared by our Primary presidency.   Involving your children is great way for them to feel the spirit of Christmas. Providing service to others and thinking about how to ease another’s burden is being like our Savior. If not you, then who?


It has been a nice way to come together each evening and spend time with one another.

I hope you find this to be a great tradition you’ll do each year.  Merry Christmas.